Quick Composing Tourney

We're pleased to announce the judges of the Quick Composing Tourney.

#2: Touw Hian Bwee (Indonesia)

H#2: Ricardo de Mattos Vieira (Brazil)

15th SABRA composing Tourney (PDF)

Long Thematic Tourney---Helpmate in 2.5 moves (PDF)

Jenever 2012 (PDF)



Champagne Tourney (PDF)

Long Thematic Tourney (Tadashi Wakashima-60 Jubilee Tourney) (PDF)

3rd Bulgarian Wine Tourney (PDF)

10th Romanian Tzuica Tourney (PDF)

12th Japanese Sake Tourney (PDF)

If you plan an informal composing tourney in WCCC 2012 Kobe, please send the theme to by the end of August. We will be glad to include the announcement in the congress material for all participants. The announcement should include theme, possible example(s) and closing date / time, and indicate whether participation is allowed via e-mail also to those not attending the congress. The prizegiving ceremony is scheduled for Friday noon, September 21st. Prize-winning problems will be shown and explained on the screen by the organizers of composing tourneys during the prizegiving.